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Margins of Medicine is a newsletter highlighting systemic issues in healthcare and medicine and thinking critically + creatively about how we could address them.

To share a little bit about who’s behind these pieces, I am a medical student and an early-stage healthcare investor based in NYC. Before medical school, I worked in digital health startups as a product manager addressing issues in care coordination and medication adherence and was formally trained as a computer scientist. A lot of the topics I will cover here will be inspired by my time spent working with patients as a medical student and thinking through healthcare systems challenges as a venture capitalist. I expect the majority of my posts to cut across 4 main themes:

  • Clinical Care + Medicine/Therapy

  • Healthcare Disparities + Social Determinants of Health

  • Care Model + Healthcare Policy Innovation

  • Technology + Data Challenges

One of the many reasons I wanted to start this newsletter is because I still hold the strong belief that one doesn’t need to go to medical school, nor to spend a decade of your life working in healthcare to make an outsized impact on this industry. My goal is to be your conduit to the issues I believe are most broken from my vantage point on the ground floor as a medical student and also from a systems-perspective as a healthcare VC - the hope is that by sharing these issues, half-baked ideas, and tangible next steps to come together, I can inspire a small fraction of you to connect and tackle them together!

My lifelong goal is to be an eventual catalyst in connecting both “insiders and outsiders” in healthcare around me to solve issues I strongly believe need to be addressed. I care deeply about building and activating communities to connect over shared interests and collaborative passion projects, and I hope this newsletter becomes a natural extension of the many communities I’ve already had the great privilege of being a part of. If this resonates at all with you or anyone you know - I invite you to share this newsletter more broadly :)

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Thinking critically and creatively about systemic issues in medicine and healthcare


Aspiring physician-innovator and early-stage healthcare investor. Hoping to inspire more people to connect cross-functionally in healthcare!
Resident physician and angel investor in Texas. Aspiring geriatric and palliative care physician. Co-host of @wellroundedmed podcast.